Monday, October 15, 2012

8 months

the morning kahree turned 8 months old she slept in and woke up without crying. the day just got better from there. she was so delightful and happy and she made me laugh over and over. she was silly and giddy and had a thousand snuggles and kisses to share with me and her daddy. the next three days were consistently wonderful and so far 8 months has been just the best.

she has a new laugh that she shares freely, over and over, all day. she's been mimicking us and using all kinds of new sounds. she's eating lots of foods with her two new teeth and finally giving craig the cuddles he's been craving. she loves her puppy intensely and gets excited every time she sees her. she crawls all over quickly and oh so cutely and climbs up on things and tries to walk, but mostly on her tippy toes. when she wants to be held she demands it and won't settle for anything else but the times that she goes off on her own and plays with her books [she just learned how to turn pages] and her puppy are too good.

she seems so much like a little kid right now instead of a baby. i still miss when she was teeny tiny but i'm loving this new stage more than any before. she's our little buddy right now, just so content to hang out with us or go on adventures. she's our daughter and i adore her, now and forever.

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