Saturday, October 20, 2012

let's go down to the pumpkin patch

this. autumn. is. awesome.

i left for washington determined to hold onto summer because summer 2012 was the best time of my life. there were days and days in a row of such intense happiness that it was nearly painful. but being back on the farm and harvesting vegetables and drinking tea made me 1. want to grow up and live on a farm and 2. come home to oregon and enjoy fall with my tiny family. and it's been wonderful. hot soups, warm drinks, snuggly clothes and blankets, lots of movies in bed and of course outings and adventures. i think we replaced our weekly farmer's market kick with a weekly visit to the pumpkin patch, it is such a magical place.

there are pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats that climb beams in tree. there are delicious donuts and fresh apple cider and flavored candy corn. games and a hay ride. and obviously pumpkins. the first few times we went were mostly for the donuts and cider but this weekend we went in search of pumpkins. Big, medium and small, one for each of us.

i love how kahree always seems to humor us and act like she's having fun when we want her to be. there are so many things that we unrealistically think "oh my gooosh, kahree would LOVE that" when really, she's a baby, what are we thinking? but then her joyful disposition makes it a pleasure to do anything with her, even leaving her in a wagon with a pumpkin. oh that kid, she's a keeper.

p.s. this is what we ended up doing with our pumpkins, painting them to be us while watching james and the giant peach. it somehow just seemed fitting.

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