Friday, October 5, 2012

you're my picnic in the park

as much as i loved spending so much time with my family in washington i so very much missed my husband by the end of it. after kahree and i came home from the best vacation our lives were in quite a whirl for a few weeks. well who am i kidding, they're still in a whirl. we spent a lot of days playing house and taking care of kids and homes for friends and then right after that settled down our dear new puppy, pepper, arrived. that took a lot of adjusting. a lot. plus countless i-just-got-back-in-town errands and homework and just too many busy things. but we finally got out of the house, just the two of us, for a little date night. we left a tiny daughter in her pj's at some dear friends house and we picked up some sammiches from the new jimmy johns in town and ate them at a park. then we went to the shooting range and finished up with cold treats from sonic. i can tell what you're thinking, and you are right, it was the perfect date night. i can't wait for the next one. we enjoy being together and at home above all other things but i do love those precious hours without babes or pups in our arms where we can just look each other in the eye without any multitasking while we talk about things that are slightly more grown up. just kidding, we mostly just talk about our daughter, and by the time we get back to her i've missed her terribly, but that's the magic of going out on dates and getting time away from the little ones, we love them so much more when we get back to them. date nights are probably what keeps us from eating our young. just saying.

don't eat babies, eat sammiches.

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  1. Oh, Shilah, you are just stunningly beautiful. You're one of my favorites. For real.


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