Monday, October 24, 2011

baby registery

this is in my house right now. we got it today and i built it very skillfully, while talking to my mom on the phone and making plenty of mistakes. then i had to take it out to craig and have him use his muscles to fix one part for me, BUT you don't need to know that! you just need to know i built it and that i'm awesome. this infant seat is the very cutest it can possibly be. it's much less pink than we'd thought it would be and much more cream, which is not a problem at all. craig complained that i made it with the teddy bear's bottoms where they're going to be in her face. remind me to flip them around before she gets here, yeah?

also happened today: we made a baby registry. i finally gave in. i wasn't going to do it, i just hate the feeling of being all HEY HEY BUY ME THIS STUFF AT EXACTLY THIS PRICE OR I WONT BE HAPPY AND I'M NOT GIVING YOU A CHOICE! i don't feel that way at all when other people make registries, just when I make them, that makes total sense, right? i just loved how at my baby shower in washington everyone gave us gifts and advice that they had chosen special, not that i had chosen beforehand. but i also know that some people prefer to have a baby registry, they do make things quick and simple and even i know how valuable that can be, and i'm not even busy yet! i think the real thing that made me decide that we should make a registry was when a few days ago i was struggling to think of all the things we had and all the things we still need and keep track in my head of all the little things i thought of and where to get them. i'm a list person, i love lists, and i kept thinking "MAN, i wish there was a cool, easy way to put together a list of all these products and miscellaneous baby stuff i still need and where to get it from so when people asked me i could give them an easy answer." hmmm, that sounds like a baby registry to me, am i right?

we decided to go to target to do it because we LOVE target all the day long. and because my friend jessica informed me that the aden + anais swaddling blankets i've been obsessing over for moooonths [you've seen me obsessing over them, you know you have] are sold at target! now I'M sold on target. bad joke. you still love me.

it was a really fun way to spend our weekend, craig and i enjoyed it more than i thought we would. my favorite part was when craig stumbled upon some hair clips and bows and just started scanning them all. he is WAY too cute of a daddy. he reminded me that it was kinda like one of our very first dates all those years ago when we went to target pretending we were engaged to make a fake wedding registry, with a fake date and everything. yeah, we're a little crazy like that, but it paid off months later when target sent us a whole bunch of coupons for all the items no one got us! just kidding, we didn't use those coupons. but this time, we will. because we aren't making this baby up. this is legit.

we named the registry "baby kahree" and it has her full name and due date attached to it [eeek butterflies at seeing her full name in writing!] it has 26 items on it with a couple big things like a baby boppy and a high chair and a whole bunch of little things like burp clothes and those plastic covers for electric sockets. no diapers and no bottles, i don't plan on using either. we'll see about binkys. we shall see. i love that i can keep track of everything now and change my mind as i learn new things. being organized is my favorite, guys.

and here's our registry for your viewing pleasure, if any experienced moms or baby item buyers want to take a look and let me know what things/brand/styles i shouldn't have or have instead PLEASE let me know, i love advice, i can't get enough of it right now. i've never done this before so guidance is very much appreciated. also, i love babies.

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