Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lists for my brain

craig and i just got back from a sweet, happy weekend in washington with my family. there was baby showerness involved and i am just so thrilled with how everything turned out and how even MORE excited it got me over having this baby. i loved seeing friends and family and i hope this little baby knows how spoiled she is. we came home with some precious little things that i can't wait to share with you along with a few BIG things, like a car seat and a swing all squared away! it's a little overwhelming even, we're so close to being set already but there's still so much to do. to help keep myself sane i make lots of lists, in case you haven't noticed. here's some more listy stuff to help me keep track of our progress and to show off to you how close we are to being ready for a baby ;]

this is a list of all the items left that i can think of that i'm dreaming of securing before miss lemon lady gets here. some seem a little more necessary than others, but if i dream big and fall short just a little bit we'll still be way ahead of the game, and THAT is exciting:

  • a baby carrier of some kind. i'd love to have both a becco baby carrier in gemini and a moby wrap, but that's just cause i'm selfish ;]
  • swaddling blankets. i'm dreaming of aden + anais brand classic muslin swaddling blankets but i also heard from a very loved and trusted source that even little old target offers a great option for swaddling blankets. 
  • we still need quite a few bumgenius diapers before little lady gets here. i received one as a gift over the weekend and a couple more people gifted us the means for about three more diapers. my momma has promised to get us a few before she gets here and my husband is bond by law to make sure i have as many as i want [it's part of a secret deal that is getting him out of quite a few diaper changes]. i'm dreaming of having 18 before she comes. i'm also convincing myself i can't live without other bumgenius accessories, like the spray hose that attaches to your toilet, or the special laundry pail for dirty diapers, or an odor securing bag for traveling, or bumgenius diaper laundry detergent. they're going to get quite a scoop of money from us by the time this is all over.
  • i don't NEED a diaper bag, i have bags that would work, but a fossil messenger bag with coated canvas just sounds like such a fancy little option. if you can call a very expensive, froofy purse an option...
  • i want to make sure she has an amber teething necklace all her own by the time she gets here
  • baby boppy pillows. i heard they are awesome. and they have a slip cover with a birdy pattern. perfect, no?
  • i haven't ever owned a newborn, but i think it's safe to say i'll be needing more burp clothes and drooling bibs. i've heard stories...
  • burts bees is the way i want to go with baby care products. the "bundle of joy" package is something i'm pretending is a must have. and i must. have.
  • we are SO grateful to have all the big things already promised to us; a swing, carseat, crib. i think the last "big" items i think babies usually use that we don't already have are a high chair and some sort of infant seat/bouncer/vibrator. craig has an infant seat picked out for us to go get if we still need one after she's born. but i know nothing about high chairs. nothing. i better do some research.
here's another list of things i wish i was doing/working on right now, if i didn't have to leave for work in a couple minutes. i hope my husband reads it, i feel like if i have to mention my need for caramel apples one more time i'll forever seal my reputation as a nagging wife, and it's just too soon for that to happen yet ;]

  • finding caramel apples and macroons
  • going to a pumkin patch
  • making caramel salted hot chocolate
  • riding bikes
  • blogging about my amazing baby shower
  • writing thank you notes
  • making baby related crafts
  • going thrifting in Salem
  • crocheting a bunch of baby afghans 
  • watching a movie
  • reading all my new baby books
  • folding laundry. that's right.
it's pretty much time to walk out the door for work. i loved my long weekend. i loved driving 8+ hours home with my husband, half of it spent deep in tender, gospel discussions and half of it spent with him letting me dose off while never letting go of my hand. i love my family and i can't wait to take a little baby back up to see them in the spring. i love this adventure. life is so sweet right now. i love all of you and you and YOU and i'll be back to talk to you soon.


  1. Target offers Aden and Anais! I just got some for Cason this week! They are great! He was getting too big for the newborn swaddling blankets, plus he would get so sweaty with any other blanket, so these work perfect. Plus they are nice and room but cool to nurse under. They are so worth the little extra money!

  2. Ok, one more thing, or maybe two :)
    You definitely need a boppy pillow. It makes nursing so much easier. Especially at first...plus they are comfortable to use while just holding the baby, and they baby can sit in them...many uses. Also, I would say the bouncer, vibrater thing is a need as well. Cason does not like his swing, but loves his bouncer. It's so nice to have somewhere to put him to play and wiggle and sleep. Anyways, these comments are getting so long...we need to talk!

  3. your list gave me a list of thoughts.

    i craved caramel apples ALL THE TIME with my boy!

    im in a crocheting rut. i get that way. i go crazy for 1.5 projects and then stop for 8 months. bad timing that pregnancy is 10 months. sigh.

    im a couple weeks behind yu and while we have the crib from Jude, the bedding, mostly made or bargained! :] and the high chair (my mommy uncolicited reccomendation are the half high chairs that connect toa regular chair... we had one of each...and NEVER used the other one. and besides the other is PORTABLE! :])
    and the bassinett, my most needed and loved accessory. but no carseat, stroller or anything of the important like...sigh. ive got 17 weeks right?

    im really into birds and owls for this little lady.

    i also HATED pink...now for some reason all i want are hot pink goodness.

    i found 30 headbands on ebay between two sellers for 13$ including shipping. way awesome.

    i need about 4 more packages of baby socks :]

    this also makes me want slippers.

    ooohh...and i need ahem, items for the nursing.

    your list has made me think of my own. SO MUCH TO PLAN! ahhhh!

    craiglet sounds like such a good pops already. :]

    yay for us and our baby ladies!


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