Friday, October 21, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

my little miss has so many cute things waiting for her out here. these are a couple of my very favorites so far:

a bath set with toys and a ducky bath robe from her aunt drashell, my big sister. the little rubber ducky tells you if the water is too hot and craig thinks the little frog toy is the most adorable. i'm getting so excited for bath times! can you bath a baby too much? someone should warn me before it's too late.
my friend jeannine carter [who sweetly let us use her house for the baby shower] also provided some exciting bath time items, like hooded towels and a couple wash clothes. be still my heart!

hot pink uggs. what has happened to me? these are almost my favorite thing in existence and i'm not even ashamed! our good friend barb hoffer told me she had fun shopping for these because she has seven grandsons and no baby girls to shop for.

sweet little pea dress and sockies from auntie bethie, my bestie. too sweet, right? i think this is my very favorite little girl dress ever. it made me finally decide that these little dresses can't be hiding away in a drawer, it just wouldn't do. so we picked up a garment rack for ten dollars at grocery outlet and now i have all the cutest baby dresses all hung up in her room. perfect solution for a complete lack of extra closet space in our apartment.

little lady shoes from sweet friend jane nelson. they make me melt.
is it my due date yet? i'm getting impatient for this little love to get here.

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