Tuesday, October 11, 2011

little wish lists

there are way too many cute things out there. what's a thrifty momma-to-be supposed to do? i just want to splurge on every baby thing i see! instead i just dream...and sometimes share my special findings with you, just in case you happen to have any of these beauties laying around your house and feel like sharing ;] just saying, i won't say no.

little bumble bee costume. do you SEE the stinger? a stinger!

a little amber teething necklace. i want one so badly, and this is the best priced one i've found on etsy.

i love a good onesie =]

my dream diaper bag is a fossil messenger bag. they're so cute and it's COATED CANVAS, it doesn't get dirty! craig gave me a littler version for christmas last year and i wish i could stuff all my diaper/bottles goodness into this beauty.

why am i drawn to expensive baby things? i only want these swaddling blankets. THESE. i'll get over it, these are just so cute to look at.

this is my dream baby carrier, the beco baby carrier in gemini. the butterfly 2 is newer than the gemini and has better prints but as far as i can tell the gemini is the only one with a hip carry position instead of just front and back, and baby on the hip is just so natural to me. it's pricey, of course, but i'm still hoping to afford it last minute and then put my little baby in it for days.

and last but not least, diapers. cloth diapers, by bumgenius. i decided to do cloth diapering after seeing these diapers. it's going to happen. they're so amazing! i want the one-size 4.0 with the elastic enclosure in like, every color. they also just came out with the freetime all-in-one which looks great for traveling and being out and about. the 4.0 is so great because it has changeable inserts. both diapers are so great because they will fit babies from 7 pounds all the way to 35 pounds! most moms who use them will have multiple kids sharing them at once. they recommend owning 24 for multiple siblings to keep the laundry down to once every few days so i think i eventually want 12 of each, but i just need 12 to start with. i love all the colors, i love all the cool accessories  that bumgenius offers. a little cleaning hose that attaches to your toilet? yes. please. i love this. i LOVE this.

babies, babies, babies! i can't stop!

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  1. its become dangerous since i found pinterest....i just pin things for her for days...i finally tonight just created a pinboard for my lady..so i wouldnt clutter up the others!


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