Saturday, October 8, 2011

exciting things

  • We finally got a pair of maternity pants. Craig found them at Target and they’re amazing and I love them! 
  • A week from now I’ll be in Washington with my family for a baby shower. I’m WAAAAY too excited and I’d wish it was time to be there already except for I have so much to do before it happens! 
  • Craig and I have been getting so much done around the house lately, finally getting everything organized and situated just right. If only we could sell our giant entertainment center that’s still taking up space by our front door. Anyone interested? :P 
  • A sweet lady at work who comes in late and does cleaning with her husband noticed my giant belleh and asked my coworkers if I was expecting and what gender. Then the next day she brought in a giant bag of little girl clothes for me! They’re handed down from her grandkids but they all look brand new and tons of them still have tags! I’m talking dresses, cardigans, and headbands. I was so excited and grateful; she says she’s going to bring in even more for me next week. Eek! 
  • I felt like hugging my closet today, I’m so excited about the cute, cheap things I’ve accumulated. There are so many pregnant friendly combinations, I’m kinda excited to get even rounder and start wearing more of Craig’s clothes too. Craig spoils me with Target 75% off clearance way too often, he’s such a sweetheart. 
  • I bought some belly bands from Fawn Maternity on Etsy. I can’t wait to get them and show them off and let you guys know how awesome they are. It’s sure going to be nice to be able to keep my pants on my body. For now. Come December, no promises people. 
  • Craig got me a new video game a couple weeks ago, and it’s AWESOME. Now I alternate between being super busy and productive and then getting absolutely nothing done at all because I’m playing that stinking game. 
  • We LOVED getting to watch General Conference together recently. It’s one of our favorite times of the year, it put us in such a hopeful and peaceful state.
  • We’ve had so many sweet and deep spiritual discussions this last week, about the world and family and our future and about not forgetting eternity. Even with the whole world going crazy right now I feel so much peace bringing this baby girl here at this time. She has great things to do and I have a big job ahead of me raising her to know who she is and how to do them. 
  • I’m HUGE, I’m happy, and my husband loves me, and my hedgehog says good day.
[once a day during last break at work craig lets me put up my feet on him. it's so relaxing and comfortable to my little pregnant feet] 

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