Thursday, October 27, 2011

carmel apples [he says he loves me]

craig and i had errands to run this morning. that turned into craig running errands and not even waking me up to make me feel bad about not being awake to run errands with him. we hardly EVER do anything apart, we're always together even for silly things like running to the bank or picking up some groceries. but lately i've been getting up even earlier than usual and sleeping in for just this morning felt soooo nice. when craig got home and i finally woke up he had a surprise for me.

remember how much i've been demanding caramel apples lately? well, he found one today. it was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL and so wonderful! i told him it's my first caramel apple ever and he couldn't believe we didn't get one sooner, but it's true! i've had apple slices dipped in caramel dip before but i've never had the real deal, on a stick, crunchy chewy caramel apple. i was surprise to find they use granny smith apples but now i see how genius it is, the sour plus sweet is the perfect mix. isn't craig the sweetest? i'm loving fall with him this year.

so, that's what made my day awesome =] how was yours?

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  1. Karen loves caramel apples! Like, a serious love going on here.

    Me? They're certainly not my favorite treat, but they're also nothing to complain about either :)


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