Monday, September 10, 2012

baby chickens

you guys! YOU GUYS! baby chickens. is there anything in the WHOLE WORLD that is born as cute as chickens are? these chicks were not even a full day old when we met them. one morning on the farm my dad came in with that little black chick to show kahre and boy did she flip. she wanted to just grab and squeeze him to pieces. we didn't let her, don't worry, but just look at her face and how happy that little fuzzy thing makes her.

i miss having chickens. my family had chickens for as long as i can remember and i loved them. and i loved fresh eggs. fresh, multicolored eggs of varying sizes. i made sure kahree and i enjoyed a few while we were on vacation but i can't wait until the day we can have our own. my little siblings seem to love chckens even more than i ever used to. my little sister's rooster is her favorite person in the whole world. i wanted to put person in quoteation marks but i'm afraid she'd be offended. she REALLY loves him.

one more thing, this is the best picture i could get of a couple eggs in an incubator while the chicks were hatching. we were seriously watching that little guy break his way out into the world. it was so special. obviously, best vacation ever. 

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