Thursday, September 6, 2012

darrell a bogar

one of many reasons why my trip home to see my family with kahree was so wonderful is that i got to spend so much time with my grandpa. he's my only living grandparent and he's been very dear to me my whole life. we were good buddies when i was little, his birthday is the day before mine and we always celebrated it together. but during the last few years we've barely gotten to visit. he moved away before i became a teenager and just recently moved back to within a few minutes of my parent's house and besides the occasional trip we just hadn't had enough chances to catch up.

while on vacation kahree and i took several chances to go out and visit him and just talk and talk about everything and then talking about it again the next day. i love seeing him and kahree together, he says he loves having a great grandchild but "all my grandchildren are great." i love when he says that. they were just too cute together.

even though his current home is the 3rd i've known him in there are still so many familiar things all around it, things that i've seen for years, that remind me of my childhood. i'm so grateful i got some time to remember and document this time. that little case was filled with tiny treasures when i was little but i found it empty on this visit and i was determined to find the trinkets and put it all together again. while i did it grandpa told me stories about them, about where he got that mason ring, about who handmade those tiny moccasins. i wish i could remember everything he's ever told me. but i don't mind being reminded. he's a wonderful grandpa and i'm glad i have him forever.

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