Monday, September 17, 2012

grandma and grandpa

kahree was, so, so happy with my family up on the farm in washington. that trip filled my soul all up to the point of bursting. i left uplifted and inspired. i love my family, my sibling, my parents, my nephews and niece, my good friends, all of them. and so does kahree. i'm so glad we live in oregon and so close to so much of craig's family but oh how i wish we could also magically be close to mine. seeing kahree so happy and at ease made my heart melt daily. it got to a point where kahree would get SO excited any time she'd hear the door opened because she knew it meant another one of her new friends had just arrived. one night i was driving home late from seeing a friend and kahree decided it was WAY past her bedtime and while she yelled all about it my youngest brother, nasus, talked and sang to her the whole way home. he said things like "i bet you're going to have a really happy life." and "you have the nicest dad in the whole world, he loves you so much." and when i thanked him for being so sweet to her he said "i just love being with baby kahree, i don't care if she's crying." she got love like this every day while we were on the farm and i just adored it.

i think the most special bond she strengthened on this trip was the bond with her grandpa and grandma. at first she was shy of my dad but as time went on, as you can see, she came to just adore him. and she spent so much time being cared for by her patient superhero grandma. my mother is a lovely woman and it is for her that i'm going to invent a teleportation device someday so that she can conveniently visit all her distant grandchildren. but if i can't manage to get a patent i'm at least claiming the right to have her live in our home someday, even if i have to fight my 9 other siblings for it. because i just don't think kahree can ever get enough hugs from her.

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