Monday, September 24, 2012

home again home again jiggity jig

i guess it is time to start getting back into blogging. i'm determined to stick with it even though i'm consistently inconsistent with my posts. maybe i can start a trend: flaky blogging. for normal moms everywhere.

since kahree and i got home from our giant vacation things slowly started to settle into a normal, fall routine. and then we shook things up like crazy. we got a puppy. i know. more on that later. so now my days are filled with taking care of two babies [one who crawls all over and pulls herself up every chance she gets and one who tries to chew on the couch], drinking tea, wearing warm things, baking autumn treats, watching black books with my craigory, using the heck out of my kindle, and walks, walks, walks, and walks. oh and doing genealogy. it's my new favorite thing.

the only reason i even can post right now is because i just got done editing a bunch of pictures for my darling little sister ahnahceleh and i thought i'd share a few with you [other than that, i got nothin. so many potential posts, so little time]. she let me photograph her after she got home from school one day while i visiting in washington. she's going to paul mitchell right now and as part class that day one of her classmates styled her hair down. it's usually pointed straight up to the sky [no jokes] so seeing it all down and wavy was a rare treat. she's gorgeous all the time though, she's really one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen, inside and out and all over. she's so neat that i just get excited that i'm able to have her as a sister! she's going to do the most amazing things with her life, just you wait.

wanna know something cute? i'm pretty sure her favorite thing in the whole world is her pet rooster. and he adores her. she just carries him around in her arms. so sweet.

p.s. don't you love the way she dresses?? this isn't a costume, this is the way she looks. she has to wear all black as her uniform at school and i think she really rocks it. ahhh. okay i'm done now.

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