Saturday, September 29, 2012

7 months

i'm counting these as my 7 month pictures. i never really got around to taking any this time around and these are all i have remotely close to the fifteenth. it's not that i don't like 7 months, so far it's great! it's just...puppies. and things. and business. you know how it is. it kinda works out though because we just got kahree to the doctor a couple days ago for her 6 month appoitment, so we just got her stats and a review of how awesome she is. it didn't happen so late because we were slacking, our origionaly appointment was canceled when my wonderful friend charlotte had her adorable baby at the same time. so if you haven't met asher yet go over and look at how lovely he is. plus his monthly posts are a lot more impressive than ours.

something i want to remember forever is when kahree officially started crawling. on the 14th, the friday after we got home, we were house sitting/kid sitting for our good friends and while we were waiting for them to come downstairs for dinner craig and i were playing with kahree on the floor. and for the FIRST TIME she finally put all the right crawling movements together more than two times in a row. the day before she was turned 7 months old she learned to crawl and i'm just so glad craig was there to see it. now if we can just manage to force her to walk while he's around too.

what else can i tell you about kahree at 7 months? she's just too wonderful. she love every dog she see's, she gets all tense and squeaky and has a specially shrieky laugh just for them. she's obsessed with water but will only drink it out of a water bottle except for sometimes a cup and once a mason jar. she's started to take it right from my mouth if i'm not paying close enough attention. she still gives me open mouth toung kisses but still turns away from craig at the last second every time he tries to get some. still no teeth, just fun gummy grins. she loves to sing and she sleeps in her crib pretty well when we're not on vacation. oh, and she's the best baby in the world. the end.

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