Sunday, September 9, 2012

oh home, let me go home

this trip has just been wonderful so far. we're already missing seattle, which was one of the happiest weekends of my life, and although we miss craig, kahree and i are having the best time being back at my old home on the farm. our days have been filled with visiting friends and family, my sweet niece seirra and my little nephews, i got to see my friend tim and my bestie bethie spent several night staying up late and talking to me. we got to go to my little sister's school at paul mitchel and she got to take a test on my head, which was awesome. i've been staying up late, getting to play video games and watch movies, sleep next to my baby and wake up early to spend time with my family. we get to eat delicious food ALL day, my family is harvesting out of their garden right now and kahree and i have been seriously benefiting from it. my little brother nasus makes me food whenever i want and my brother llerrad made us home made peach ice cream. 

i got to go to my old high school and talk to my favorite teachers and my mom and i even got to visit my nephew at school and read to him during snack and story time. on saturday my dad took me on a long drive for fresh pumpkin donuts from a farmer's market and they tasted SO AMAZING but even better we got to talk for hours and i learned things i never knew. i'm so so glad i'm getting to spend a long time visiting this time instead of just for a weekend, i really needed to have all these long talks with my parents and siblings and friends. kahree thinks she's in heaven with all the dogs and cows and chickens and peacocks new friends. i wish we could pop up and visit like this all the time, so far it's just the best vacation i've ever had.

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