Monday, January 21, 2013

grandma susan

the day after christmas kahree and i flew up to washington to see my family. it was a sweet and special little trip with lots of quiet time. kahree was really shy for most of week and a half visit but one night she was being rather fussy and my mom was able to rock her to sleep. it was magical. i love these adorable pictures of them together. that little boy is my youngest brother, nasus. i guess i shouldn't say little, he's about to turn 13 and i can't even believe it. kahree loved him the best. which is sweet, because i think they look the most alike. what do you think?

i often wish kahree could see her grandma susan and her grandpa john more often. the times we've all spent together are treasures to me.

p.s. doesn't my mom look so young and lovely? she took kahree with her to the mall one day i was there to get her ears pierced. not kahree's ears, my mom's! how cool is that?

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