Wednesday, January 16, 2013

oh happy day

it looks like blogger and google made some more changes in the last couple months and i can post pictures again! when i tried at the end of november the interwebs was telling me that i had used up all my allotted space for pictures on this blog and if i ever wanted to post more i'd have to pay a monthly fee for a bigger online storage space. i was working a lot at the time and i didn't have the patience to figure out a way around it so i just stopped blogging. i think i'm back now. i have about 2 gigs i can fill before i have to figure out what happens next. and i refuse to think about it until then!

here are the pictures i wanted to put in my november 30th post when kahree was kinda of 9 months old. now she's over 11 months old. it's nuts!

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