Thursday, January 17, 2013


on my birthday i made a cheesecake and worked on genealogy until craig came home early from work. then we went for a walk until the two little ones were throwing fits [pepper especially, haha]. so instead we drove to the park and played on all the most fun things. i tried to take kahree down a giant slide but my butt wasn't slippery enough. so we gave up and went to get some cold stone ice cream. i always get the birthday cake remix. what do you get?


  1. i always get the berry berry berry good. i always feel dumb saying it, but it is delicious. cream ice cream with berries. also, i am glad you blogged a million times today. ivy is sick, and i have loved having something to read while i sit here all the day.

    1. i want to try that. there are lots i want to try. but when i get up there i always fall into some kind of trance where i need birthday cake remix in my mouth and nothing else.

      i feel bad for tiny ivy but i'm so glad you're enjoying reading my millions of blogs. i always feel like a super lamewad for doing all my posts at once and back dating them but it is what it is.

      i didn't even know you commented until just this second. the new family search website isn't letting me log in so instead i'm sending an email to my mom with links to all my new blog posts, that's how i found your comment. now i'm thinking i should email you next. wouldn't that be amazing?


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