Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the year of the cakes: 1 and 2

i have a new years resulution to switch to a healthy eating style that is more align with the intructions in the scriptures over the course of the year. i also have a new years goal to bake a whole bunch of cakes from scratch. these things don't really go hand and hand.

right now, the cakes are winning.

for my birthday last week i made a peanut butter and brownie cheesecake. i didn't take any pictures of it, i just ate it and took a bunch of slices to some of my friends. it wasn't pretty but it was oh so good.

the week before i made an italian cream cheese cake. it's the first cake from scratch that i've ever made besides part 1 and 2 of craig's ice cream birthday cake last year [neither times were anything to be proud of and only the second was edible]. i was dying of excitement every time something didn't go horribly wrong and it was pretty tasty by the end of it. the frosting tasted too much like powdered sugar for my liking so maybe i'll use less than a whole pound next time. also i left out the coconut for craig's sake. it's good without but i bet it'd be good with too.

i used the spring-form pans craig gave me for christmas to make both these cakes, so really, it's his fault we're about to gain 30 pounds each.

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