Sunday, September 18, 2011

20 weeks

i am loving this pregnancy. i adore this squishy little baby. at this point i am completely comfortable and  just really enjoying the experience, trying to take in every little thing and smile at every little kick while i'm still a brand new mom with just one little one to take care of. life is about to get so crazy, and i'm so excited. but for now we're just really loving every day one at a time, loving this little stinker and caring for him while he's so easy to take care of. craig and i are so happy that he's still here with us. in just a few more months i'll be kissing his fuzzy little head. and then all the sudden he'll be in college and engaged and then have ten babies. that's how it happens, right? that fast. well as long as he's still here in my baby-house [uterus] i know he's not procreating or getting to smart for his own good, so for now he's just my little baby squirt, and we love him to pieces.

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