Saturday, September 17, 2011

food. food. FOOD.

 [notice that i learned to tie a head scarf. craig isn't sure if he likes it yet.]

oh hey there. did you mention food? i'm sure i heard someone mention food. and speaking of food, which i do often, here's a few of my favorites lately:

  • orange juice
  • grapefruit juice [it makes craig pucker and makes baby kick]
  • whole wheat wheat-thins
  • almonds and pecans, craig and i have both been loving on these like crazy
  • the occasional, guilty, guilty, snickers bar. so. wonderful.
  •  ...cheese. in pretty much everything.
  • lettuce, cheese, and meat sammiches on rye bread. i adore rye bread.
  • our local thriftway’s in-store brand of chicken dumpling soup. oh my WORD, you guys, it's the best soup i've ever had!
  • TLC kashi dark chocolate coconut fruit and grain bars. i saw a random picture of them online and I HAD TO HAVE THEM! craig knows better by now than to ignore the crazed look in my eyes. and the foaming at my mouth…
  • melty wraps, and pretty much any other concoction we can get out of cheese and tortillas
  • frosted wheat cereal. i’ve never been a huge fan of this stuff but i’m pretty sure i never really gave it a chance until now. it’s been a life saver during those super weird times of the night/early morning when you just gotta eat something easy and delicious without wanting to actually wake up...
  • maple bacon bars at voodoo donuts. don't judge me, i don't need a reason but i gots one. i just had to have it.
i decided today that halloween oreos sounded a thousand times more delicious than any other oreo ever. evvvvvver. but fred meyer broke my heart by putting off getting in a decent sized stock in until closer to halloween. pffft, whatever, it was practically halloween yesterday. you better step it up people, because when i want christmas tree reeses in two weeks you better be able to deliver or willing to suffer the consequences.

 [target came through for us, like they always do. in 5 boo-riffic shapes. yesssss.]

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