Tuesday, September 6, 2011

baby blanket

my baby squirt already has so many baby blankets. i think i counted 13. most of them were crocheted by my grandma meyer and a few of them are old blankets of mine. i want to wrap him up in all of them all at once.

i wanted to make baby squirt a special blanket from me. hopefully i can keep it up with all my babies and they can all have special mommy blankets. i should probably learn how to knit and quilt too so that there's a little more variety between all 20 of my children's baby blankets. while i was working on this one craig asked me if i knew how to do anything other than granny squares, ha! it's all he's ever seen me do. i said yes, but nothing cooler than granny squares. maybe someday.

craig picked out the blue and the brown yarn and i love how the colors look together. once i ran out of yarn i still wanted it a little bigger so i did a fringe in a white i had in my yarn stash. you can't tell in this picture because i hid it on purpose but i was actually a little short by the end. i had about 4 more scallops to  do before my yarn ran out, yikes! so close. we'll figure it out but for now let's just pretend i made the perfect baby blanket and then maybe someday i'll let you see my magical baby. deal? deal.

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