Monday, September 19, 2011

boy squirt or girl squirt?

today is the day! we’re on our way out the door to the doctor’s office for a much anticipated ultrasound. if everything goes as planned and baby squirt is cooperating we’ll find out if this little one is our muffinbot baby boy squirt, or a little miss lemon lady squirt. i want ten of each eventually, i want to spend my whole entire life loving on some snuggly little ones, but i’m so excited to see who our first one is going to be and how this little person and their individual spirit and personality is going to shape our lives and help us learn to be parents.

afterwards craig taking me on a cheesecake factory date to celebrate and then we have an FHE meeting with friends and a full evening of games and reading and relaxing, so who knows when i’ll get a chance to spill the beans ;] maybe i’ll keep it our little secret for a while, maybe i’ll wait a whole day before letting everyone know. maybe i’ll plaster the news all over every social network within minutes of finding out! no one can say for sure.

any last minute guesses? are you dying to find out? you should be. baby squirt rocks.


  1. You better tell us tonight! I don't think I can wait any longer! Oh, and be sure to bring your photos if you get some!


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