Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pocket's pockets

a little while ago i made a list of twenty goals i wanted to accomplished by the time i turned 20. some of them are finished, some almost finished, some untouched, and a few are under construction or well on their way to being done. a few of my goals were interrelated, like making a website and starting an etsy shop. well, i've finally found some time to start putting those two things together, with a lot of help and encouragement from craig.

last week i made an etsy account. YES! it's nothing close to being a real shop yet but i feel great finally  getting it into the cyber-world with the user name craig and i picked out, "pocket's pockets." pocket is a nickname/user name that i've been using for years now, and my pockets are where i keep my treasures that i want to share with others. craig promises me it's cute and i believe him.

through craig's classes and extra reading he's learning how to put a website together from scratch and he's been working on creating an online place perfect for me. he called it a "shop of curiosities," a place where i can start making all my crafting dreams something real. somewhere for all the thrifting and creating and art i've been working on to exist together in an accessible space instead of just a dark corner in our second bedroom. there's lots of crafting projects and ideas still on the verge of becoming real things and this is really just the very beginning of the very beginning stages of something we've been dreaming of for a while. that picture is a cute little logo of sorts that i made as an inspiration for what i want to offer someday, all the pretty things i wanted to put into my pockets and then into your pockets.

the sweetest part about all of this is how encouraging craig has been and how much research time he's devoted to learning how to keep a website alive and how small home/online businesses work. i guess that's sort of the goal here, something for me to use my talents to work on from home without leaving my little baby and still staying creative. helping with the finances a little would be a plus too. since i've entered the blogging world i have been SO IMPRESSED by how many sweet, beautiful moms can stay at home and raise their children while helping provide for them by sharing their artisitic talents in this great, big blogging community. i love how much support there is out there for home made and hand made. it makes me hope that i can find a a way to help take care of my family by doing what i always dreamed of doing. i feel like if i start sharing my progress in my blog from here on out then maybe i'll feel a little more accountable for actually making sure it goes somewhere. how embarrassing if i mention it to you guys and then just let it whither and die, right? now that i've let you in on some of my future dreams and goals i HAVE to follow through. don't worry, tricking myself into doing things is how i get anything done these days.

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  1. Fun fun! Can't wait to see all your creations, and Craig is right, the name is darling!


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