Friday, September 16, 2011


this little lemon-squirt has become a relentless kicker, not to be confused with a relentless killer, he's too young for that. but seriously, he's at it all the time now, morning day and night. I can feel him poking all around sometimes but usually he concentrates all his efforts on one spot in my lower rightish area, like he’s concentrating all his efforts and is calculating a brilliant escape. i’m actually getting a little nervous for when those blows pack more of a punch…yikes. this little one is either a very rambunctious boy or a very masculine, violent little girl. i can’t decide which one sounds like more work!

today craig and i biked all over town trying to find the perfect pair of new glasses. yesterday we picked out free pairs of safety certified glasses for work and while we were in the mood still we thought we’d put our new vision insurance to use and get some fancy glasses. it went super well, we accidentally picked out almost matching glasses and i'm excited to show them off someday. it felt so nice biking while we ran our errands, i feel like the more i stay mobile am the better off i’m going to be by the end of this thing. so prego yoga is keeping away all my aches and pains and biking/walking is keeping my blood and muscles going and maybe even helping me bake an active baybay. we also biked to subway to get our bi-weekly installment of foot-long subs and free cookies. yes. food. i think "food" is every ninth word a say now and every third word i think. food.

after work we made dinner and had a snuggly red-box date. i tried to describe to craig how big our babies tiny little feet feel, and how I can almost distinguish heel and knee. we’re so in love already. I can’t imagine ever feeling more love than we already do, and then i daily surpass my previous limit. craig adores this baby. sometimes i’m sure he hangs out with me just to spend time with squirt. he’s so ready to be a daddy, its been his dream for over a decade. he’s not even a bit nervous or scared, he helps keep me balance when I begin the panic and worry and think i can’t do this. he says I can, but even if i turned out to be a total failure of a mother craig could easily make up for it with his pure awesomeness, i’m sure of it. he’s what makes me truly feel that even at the measly age of 19, with a load of immaturity and worry to tack onto my horrendous lack of expertise and experience, i am able to do this. i can be a mother now because, at the same time, he’s going to be a father. we got this, yo.

[psst, on monday at 1:20 we get to see our little squirt again. and it’s the magical day where we do a gender check and find out if this is going to be my first little snuggly boy or if, after all this time, it turns out we have a little tom boy on our hands and i’m going to have to start saying “she” now. the anticipation is brutal, but the days are flying by. for now i'm just enjoying kicks and pushes and loving this little bit to bits.]

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