Wednesday, September 21, 2011

little lemon lady

the ultrasound technician told us not to plan a trip to vegas any time soon. me, in all my naivety, wondered "why would we, we're already married?" at the same time craig was thinking "why would we, we're mormon?" when what she really meant was we probably wouldn't be very good at gambling at all. that little squirt we were betting everything on being a boy? she's a layday!

 [little lady squirt]

psh, i knew she was a girl the whole time ;] just kidding, you guys all know how one million percent sure i was that there was a little man in there kicking my insides out. man, she played me gooood! i was SO SURE, and i was wrong, she is very obviously a little lady. but for the record, there's a reason those kicks felt like little man kicks. the ultrasound technician lady commented most on her feet. she was like "there's a little foot. woah, a BIG foot actually..." then she looked over at craig, "probably his fault." bahahahaha! but seriously guys, she has BIG FEET. so i'm guessing she's going to be tall and stunning and as athletic as she wants to be, there's no girly girl in there, she's fierce! and i absolutely adore her. i just burst out in tears when we saw she was a girl. i had no idea i'd have another babygirl so soon, i didn't even know if i'd ever have another daughter. but there she is, growing so fast and perfect.

[arm, wrist, and all her little fingers in a fist]

 [do you SEE how big her foot is? it goes on for longer than you think]

 [look, foot!]

i love her perfect little spine, seeing it was one of the most incredible things about the ultrasound, knowing that every vertebra is in perfectly constructed and in place. i love watching her perfect little heart, it's SO strong and amazing, it looks like a little bat flapping it's wings. that's how craig described it. i love her perfect little arms she crosses over her chest and i love her perfect little legs that she keeps up by her head. she doesn't have a ton of room in there, so she was very wiggly and scrunched up, which is AMAZING to watch but doesn't make for the best pictures. but when she gets here we'll be able to look at her all we want! and for now you'll just have to believe me when i say she has all her fingers and toes, the tiniest little button nose, and the biggest most beautiful lips ever. craig's lips. that lucky girl.

[tiny nose, big lips] 

we saw her little kidneys, and her full little bladder that i'm sure she empties out into me whenever she feels like it. we saw her little stomach and watched her heart beat for ages. it's magnificent. it's such a blessing that we can see all those things so soon and know exactly how she's doing in there. we saw her brain, the technician said it was the biggest she saw all day, obviously ;] she was fun lady, she let us feel like we were the proudest parents in the whole world.

[leg area plus definite lack of boy parts...] 

my mind is still spinning, i'm imagining this whole having a baby thing in a completely different way. we have a DAUGHTER. she's going to be a little princess! craig gets his little daddy's girl, i bet she is just going to adore him and he will never be able to say no to her. and now we can buy GIRL THINGS! girls things are waaaay more fun than boy things, and we're loving it. we went out and bought her a little yellow dress and a floral, scrunchy bow headband. headbands. HEADBANDS. my little lemon lady will never be without something cute on her head. we're going to have to pack those boyish things away for now. except for the batman onsies. true to my word, she will be wearing the batman onsies.

who is still dying to know her name? you can bet she has one, it's been picked out longer than our first boy's name that we thought we were going to be using by now. to be completely honest we sort of have all of our kid's names picked out...and when they're going to be born...we even have names picked out for twins, just in case. we've been working on these since we were barely even dating. craig named our first daughter almost before we had even met. it's beautiful. i might just share it sometime ;]

for now, i think i need to start making some more baby blankets...

p.s. remember this? she was a little drama queen after all.

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