Monday, September 5, 2011


getting burgerville walla walla sweet onion rings were on our summer bucket list. summer is running out fast, as much as i tell myself it is NOT over kids are definately back in grade school and time is running out to check summery things of our summery list. today had to happen. and it was awesome. those expensive onion rings are worth waiting all year for.

okay, so we got a little more than just the onion rings. but can you blame us? that pepper bacon cheeseburger was calling to me. i love burgerville for its localness, freshness, and sustainability. oh and their food is darn delicious and doesn't make me feel like i'm selling years off my life in order to eat it, like other speedy food burger joint.

it was a labor day well spent. mondays are our normal day off so we didn't get a three day weekend but we DID get paid for not being at work today. and later we got to play our new awesome zombie munchkins game with josh and charolet. conclusion: today was awesome.

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