Monday, June 13, 2011

beauty behold

i haven't been blogging very much lately but I promise you aren't missing much of anything. lots of things are right on the verge of happening [so excited for this summer, you have no idea], but all the days until then are slow. not slow enough to get all the things done i want to though. some days i just feel like i'm moving in molasses. some days i complete everything on my to-do list but those things barely catch me up, and i never quite get ahead. but i have big big BIG plans for this season and the rest of this year. we'll make it happen.

yesterday craig and i were paying super close attention in church. i promise. until the speaker, a sweet, awesome, old man, recited The Jabberwocky. from the pulpit. and related it to the gospel with an eternal perspective. i almost died of happiness. so then of course we were distracted by our excitement and love for good poetry, and we started doodling. when craig and i draw sometimes we take turns, he'll do a piece, i'll do a piece, and we build off of each other making something that always turns out intriguing and magnificent, only because HE had a part in it, of course. well we included some words in the picture, and the picture turned into a poem.

i used to write poetry allll the time, back in my broken hearted, emo, teenage years. i loved it. i had a poetry teacher who never really was my teacher who told me i wrote like sylvia plath [he was being nice, i didn't]. but it was all very...angsty and venting and not very unique [what artsy, inner tormented teen ISN'T a poet?] and i learned that it must have been a phase and not exactly talent when i met craig and i became happy all the time and i couldn't write anymore. i still consider myself artistic and poetic but what i was good at was expressing negative emotions, and i just don't have those anymore.

i still managed to write a few good pieces in the last couple years but i don't write EVERY day anymore. i really want to get into writing again, and try things that are more honest and relate-able, and writing with craig has so far been the most rewarding. we've written a couple pieces like this, taking turns, the last one i wanted to share with you a couple months ago but he said he wanted to post it on his blog before i did and he never got around to it. what a slacker.

i hope to do this more. i want to ultimately write songs with craig, put music to them, play all the instruments, become a band famous only to all those hipsters who hate famous bands, and be almost rich and tour all the time. that's my ultimate goal, anyway. i dream and i dream and i dream.

the bolder type is craig, the not so bolder type is me.

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