Tuesday, June 28, 2011

rollo cookies

last week charlotte pinned a recipe for rollo cookies on pinterest. and i asked her if i could steal it. she said i could. she's a doll.

yesterday, i made rollo cookies for FHE. the were a big hit.

today, i made the rest of the batch for craig to take to work to share. the were a scary big hit.

one adult man had five.

and my baking ego gets a huge boost.

they really are ridiculously easy to make. i didn't even follow the cookie recipe, i just used my easy peasy version and added rollos. the trick is all in the freezing. you freeze the rollos for 2 hours before rolling cookie dough around them, and then for 20 more minutes with the cookies dough before they go into the oven for ten minutes. they're a gooey dream. even if you don't like rollos [craig doesn't] you're love these cookies [he did].

if i was a good blogger i'd link you back to the original blog post for the rollo cookies. but i don't have the energy. someone boost my blogging ego so i'll feel more capable. kthanks =]

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