Thursday, June 30, 2011

hair and steak, but not togther

okay, would you please do me a favor and ignore the fact that it looks like i'm wearing the same top today as i was wearing merely a few days ago in my "it's summertime" post? those pictures were really from the first day of summer, which was slightly longer than a couple days ago. and heck, i love this top. i bought it like three years ago for three dollars and never got around to wearing it until now. plus, it hides my love handles and my growing baby bump oh so well, so it deserve some love.

i'm one of those people who takes iphone mirror pics now. but not out of vanity, for good reason! i'm entering a summer iphone mirror picture contest. just kidding. i'm just vain. blogging makes me vain. but i do also want you guys to have something to remember how cute i used to be when i'm someday shaped like the Pillsbury dough boy with enormous ankles and three chins. it'll happen! you just wait. and when it does, you'll be glad to have these vain iphone pictures to remember the good old days, when you could read my blog without your eyes bleeding.

but really, i'm beyond excited for a ginormous baby bump =] it makes me ridiculously giddy. GIDDY.

so this one time last november, i cut off all my hair. and it was the worst mistake of my life on the worst day of my life. i went from this:

[where i looked like a lion and it was glorious, which was not the tune i was singing at the time, but if i had only known....]

to this:

and my soul died a little. the lady shaved off the bottom half of the back of my head. i had stubble. stubble, people.

i've been trimming it up myself off and on ever since, i won't trust anyone else near it. and i actually feel like it's been growing out really fast. i still can't pull it all up without a thousand bobby pins, but today i managed braid and PIGTAILS! oh pigtails. i missed you.

in other news, [STEAK news, if you will], john and sheri had us over for a barbecue on sunday and the monstrous appetite that is squirt + shilah was so happy about it. craig and i got to see craig's step brother trevor and his girlfriend and their three kids, who i've heard so much about [i've even helped john and sheri make tie-dye shirts for them] but now finally got to meet in person! it was a perfect summer day with family. and food. and baby talk.

sheri sent us home with some barbecue leftovers, which was great because craig and i had some hotdog and hamburger buns at home to use up. but even better than hotdogs or hamburgers was the divine gift of steak they let us have. steak. steak steak steak. all i can think about now is STEAK! i seriously just reach in the fridge, grab one, and eat it cold with my bare hands. it's so perfect. squirt must need the iron or the protein or SOMETHING, but whatever it is he makes me down that steak like there's no tomorrow. i even go a little feral and my vision turns a little red and i do a few crazy things while i'm nomming down on the steak. i won't share all of them with you, it's too frightening, but this is something i never thought i'd say that if i don't tell you about i might think it never happened:

"i got steak on the wall...."

it happened. and now you know to never come between me and my steak. i might get some of YOU on the wall. sorry, hunger makes me aggressive.


but seriously, does it look like i could ever hurt anyone? [yet...]


  1. I don't know why, but your "lion hair" picture reminds me of when I screamed my lines at you at the college.

  2. Firstly, I am also giddy to see your ginormous baby bump.

    Secondly, I think your hair is adorable.

    Thirdly, when we were talking with my siblings, we were telling them about you and Craig, and Josh said that you had the Zoe Deschanel look going on and that you pulled it off very nicely. I thought I'd let you know that he said that.


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