Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Okay, I HAVE to blog about our amazing, pictureful weekend before I get so daunted that I never get around to it ever. So we're just going to power speed through some of this. And I'll also probably ramble about some of it too...

First of all, Craig and I work Tue-Sat every week. That means that this was NOT a three day weekend for us. This is where you should feel sorry for us. But after making dinner for the family Sunday and packing a few camping/road trip basics we were off late that night for the beach. Starting with Cannon Beach. This is where you should feel jealous of us.

It started with a lot of driving and listening to Eisley and We Were Promised Jetpacks [Craig obviously let me pick, all he choses is Taking Back Sunday lately]. It's silly but driving with Craig is sometimes the best part of a road trip for me. So although I can't really share anything about the first few hours except for how we drove a lot it was still so great. For the rest of the night we ate snacks, drove around, tried to find a public restroom that wasn't locked [no good] and napped in various places in the middle of the night. It was an adventure.

In Cannon Beach we parked next to this fancy residential area and accessed the was probably private access. It WAS private access. We probably shouldn't have been there. But we were! So there. This is about two in the morning. Craig used his phone to light our way to the water and then we stopped and sat down and I told him to turn his light off. It was one of my favorite experiences ever. It was very dark, we could see town lights in the distance, but the only other thing we could see was the ocean moving. We couldn't REALLY see it but we saw it moving back and forth. And it was so LOUD, the sound of the ocean is deafening when you're not distracted by anything else. I'm terrified of the ocean but also really impressed by it and I was in such awe with how incredible it really is. Plus I spooked myself out by imagining walking sea creatures and the mermaids from Pirates 4....

Alright, this is turning into all rambling.

After napping again and waking up at 5:45 we accessed PUBLIC access to Cannon Beach. We went to the tide pools and it was amazing! I touched so many things. I wanted to take home shells or sand dollars or something but everything we found was ALIVE so we put it all back. It was so warm the whole time, I was totally surprised. We were actually sweating at the beach in the middle of the night and we were walking in and out of the water at six in the morning no problem. That is NOT how the Oregon Coast is. I was so excited.


Then we went to Pig'N Pancake for breakfast because it was open. It seemed frightening at first but it was really delicious! I had strawberry crepes and Craig had piggies in blankets, pan cakes wrapped around yummy sausages. I had hot cocoa too, which was SO tasty. And photogenic.

Then we changed our soaking socks in the car, I switched up my wrinkly outfit for something cuter, and we drove once again. We went to Seaside but we took our time doing it, circling golf courses and looking at pretty things. The last time I was at Seaside it was CROWDED. A lot. And this was Memorial Day weekend but at nine in the morning and even later there weren't a lot of people around. We parked right next to the beach area, grabbed our sleeping bags, and laid on the sand forever. We drew in the sand and talked and added more baby names to our huge collection. I was all for sleeping again but Craig shook me out of it and we went around to all the Seaside shops. We spent A LOT of time at an arcade...yep...

Craig is good at everything, but I have the most faith in the jackpot type games. Do you see why? My baby is a jackpot fiend.

We got candy and parachute army men and a giant pen and a glow in the dark dinosaur model thing. I'm sure the value of all those things totally equaled the 12 dollars we spent to get the tickets for them. Just kidding, but it was a ton of fun. It made me wish we had babies to take there.

After we tore up Seaside we went back to Cannon Beach to eat at Mo's Chowder House. This is always the highlight of my life. My mom went to Mo's all the time when she was a teen, and she told me when I moved her I just had to find it if it was still around. There are like 6 locations now! All going strong. And they really do have the BEST clam chowder.

I got fish tacos and Craig had a burger/sammich filled with deep fried shrimp. We could've died happy.

Craig was sweet and tool a bunch of pictures of my beach outfit. My favorite parts were the socks he got me and my "summer shoes!" He went to Target by himself a couple weeks ago and came back with those babies for nine dollars. He said I needed summer shoes. How cute is he? They were the last pair [he actually took the display pair] and they fit perfectly.

[I do NOT remember dancing at any point...but it looks like I did]. 

After we got home we ate a TON more food [how???] hung out, watched movies, and just had hours to chill. I even took ANOTHER nap and STILL had so much time to either be lazy or busy! It's was a great weekend. I can't wait to do it again NEXT two day holiday weekend ;]

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