Wednesday, June 15, 2011

print practicing

i'm still trying

1. graduation present for sister catie
2. mothers day present for my mommy
3. thank you for my sister, drashel
4. mothers day present for craig's momma

someday, i'm going to do amazing things like this:


it's my very most dream. 


  1. i am in love with your mom's. it makes me think i should be your mom sometime.

    i want to visit you in portland, and i want us to have drawing parties while derek and craig go shoot guns or something else macho. or maybe they could draw too. and we could all make pretty walls.

  2. i think my mom likes her print....i finally found a frame for it and set it to her. i've gotten several phone calls from siblings asking what it means. i tell them there's an awesome dandelion boy, what more do they need to know?

    as you know, i would love for you to visit us. bruce would let you hold him. we have a couch that turns into a bed and also a strange twin mattress hiding in our hallway. we would take the special opportunity to buy groceries. and paint on of the walls in the babies room. he'll love it. and we won't tell management about it. not ever.


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