Friday, June 24, 2011

good day

1. we took bruce in to get his nails clipped today, which is always my least favorite, he won't let me do it and he throws the biggest fit when we take him to petsmart [you know, making vets bleed, needing sleeping gas, pooping EVERYWHERE, that sort of thing]. but today he was so good, he didn't need to be sedated! first time ever! we were so proud. haha i can't believe we have to drug such a cute tiny creature to clip his darn nails. i told harvey if he ever grows nails i'm disowning him. he just made fish faces at me. but he knows.

2. so far i have not had any morning sickness at all. once i threw up after taking prenatals on an empty stomach but that'll happen to anyone i hear. sometimes when i smell fast foods or greasy foods or just things that i know aren't good for me anyway i'll fell all blech, like my body knows i don't need that shizz one bit.

2.5 craig doesn't have any morning sickness either! yayay! we're three healthy wills.

3. i'm not eating ice cream or drinking soda for the duration of this pregnancy. it's hard, but only because craig is going to get another 4.0 this quarter and that's supposed to mean Coldstone... but healthy eating goals help me feel better about what little squirt is eating and getting to grow up big and strong. i'm trying to cut out candy too, but those peanut mnms call to me like sirens of the sea. but darn it, i'm a will, i need to use some will power.

4. i AM craving meat. lots of meat. lots of red, fatty meat. last pregnancy all i craved was pizza and tuna. this meat thing works out much better for me, especially since craig hates tuna so we're much happier with this arrangement. plus it's super convenient right now. summer = barbecues. heck yeah. keep it coming. someone get this german girl more bratwurst. i'm talking to you, costco. cough em up. squirt needs his protein.

5. although i get super sleepy sometimes and feel like i'm moving through molasses and some days all i want to do is nap [last monday i woke up and did chores for an hour, then went back to bed. so bad.] i still have so much motivation to make cool baby things! And buy cool pregnant things and organize the baby room and getting everything ready. you know, cause 8 months is barely enough time to get anything done, i have to do it right freaking now. nesting is so bomb. i think i'd sleep all day if it weren't for those bird like urges. my brittney and i are planning baby crafting get togethers. eek!

6. i had these strange urges to spend money today and craig indulged me, because he's a doll. it started with a pair of blowfish shoes.

60 dollars shoes for 23 dollars? Yeah, i'll bite.

7. craig also let me get this lovely product that i am so excited to use. i just discovered this company and they are just so sweet and kind and precious and all natural and i just can't get enough of them! and i haven't even gotten my package yet, haha. they have things for pregnancy and post baby, and even a sweet, heart melting packages of healing things for ladies who lost babies. i'm really happy to support them and i hope in turn they help minimize the massive stretch marks i'm doomed to receive [pretty please?]

 8. craig and i are enjoying lots of fun movie nights. we usually go for tv shows on netflix in 20 minute increments, which is great since we work so late and it's easier to commit to that than a 2 hour something. but i actually have so loved watching more movies lately. true grit? supper bomb. last night we watched val kilmer be batman for a while [swoon] and soon netflix is going to send us "conviction." i'm so enjoying summer movie nights with my handsome. 

9. have you guys heard of pinterest? it's my new favorite thing. it took me a couple days to figure it out but once i did i have enjoyed it immensely.  i use it like a wish list, all my boards are categories and then i "pin" clothes or products or projects i want to do someday. i keep them there so i don't forget them [when you pin things it links them back to where you found them.] when i'm ready to buy or make or bake something i've pinned they're just right there, waiting for me. it's how i kept tabs on that stretch oil until i was ready for it. i'm not followed nor do i follow very much on pinterest, but seeing my friend charlotte's pins every day is a treat. they are the prettiest inspirations. 

10. thursday is jamba juice day. this always makes me so excited. i usually go for chocolate or peanut butter mood and sometimes pomegranate pick me up [always with a shot of energy or daily vitamins], but today my jamba was all strawberry lemonade goodness. here squirt, have a healthy summer treat! 

ten little things, one big, good day. 


  1. I feel like nesting and I'm not even pregnant! Maybe I should get pregnant to better justify my nesting urges.

    Love True Grit.

    Love Pinterest, love your pins.

    Love the chocolate mood Jamba Juice. And I fool myself into thinking it's healthy because it came from Jamba Juice.

    I'm glad Craig doesn't have morning sickness this time. Phew.

    Love love love that you're using bomb. I think it's hilarious.

  2. Ohh I love those Blowfish shoes! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

    Lost in the Haze


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