Monday, June 27, 2011

it's summertime

insagram love. bear with me. "earlybird," my favorite filter, is just so summer-esque.

i'm a little too excited for summer, it's making me feel rebellious. i just want to be wearing dresses and skirts and lace tights or shorts and tees for every waking moment of this fabulous season. so i of course wish i worked someplace that let me wear dresses or skirts or shorts or tights. seriously bumming on my summer style. they'll see though, once i'm as wide around as i am tall i'm wearing big, fatty maternity dresses and streeeatchy pants to work every day. and they can just try to stop me. i plan on having the mood swings of a dragon. they'll be sorry.

summer time plus: craig and i have been eating otter pop knock off for days, son. and we love them.

i need to come up with some summer goals. you know me, i love lists. they make everything better.

babybaby squirt is doing great, he's making me crave red meat like a crazy dinosaur, but i love him for it. craig and i got to visit and hold some sweet babies this last week, and it's making us so excited to be parents.

i look like a mom already, right? sure, more like a teen mom, but a mom nevertheless.


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