Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've confused my body = it's a good day

This is how I dress for work most times. Lots of layers, boring jeans, and long shirts that tries to make me look stubby. Long shirts make me look very short. Short shirts make me look very shorts. All shorts make my hips seem like they're grinding against my ribs [it's pretty close actually, I feel great about it when I think I may be some kind of anatomical rarity]. So I do my best every day to cheat it and my ultimate goal is to use some sort of cardigan/sweater/belt/or baggy something to hide my real silhouette. A great day is a day where I trick my torso into thinking it's long and my legs into thinking they're normal. Today was a pretty good day =] My color combo boosts my mood. Plus my new owl/gun necklace. Ohhhh yeaaah.


  1. That's cute c:

    Ps: I'm increadibly jealous that you have a hedgehog, i wanted to get one, but my boyfriend wouldn't have it saying they aren't cuddley :c

  2. He is the MOST cuddly! Sure, he pokes too, but his tummy is super fuzzy and I snuggle him all the time! And he is the most low maintenance pet ever, totally chill and adorable. I totally recommend hedgehogs ;]


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