Monday, June 20, 2011

my 20 before 20 goals

i'm embarking on an adventure. i've made a 20 before 20 list. a list of goals i hope, dream, long to accomplish before i turn 20. here we go.

you've probably seen posts like this floating around blog land. i'm not sure if it's a link up or not but i've decided to make and pursue a list of my own. i'm VERRRRY excited about, i'm such a sucker for lists, I enjoy things/chores/activities SO much better if i'm checking them off a list. since i really only have until january before i turn 20 i'm going easy on myself for a few of them, but some of them are pretty intense. i'm glad i'll be able the share my progress and achievements here, it makes me feel like i have something holding me to my goals. if it works out maybe i'll do this for every birthday, until i'm 99 and trying to accomplish 100 things in one year! not really. but it could happen. by then we'll be blogging by thought on a screen attached to the inside of our eyes.

[my brother llerrad gave me this picture so i'd know what i'd look like as a monster. now that's a secret goal of mine i don't tell people about.]

1. i want to make a website this year. craig is taking a lot of web classes and i'm working on being better at graphic designing. we're hoping to completely set up a website for me this year that i can use when i start my business from home. opening an etsy shop is part of this dream too, but there are rules on etsy and i really don't want to always be limited on what i can do.

2. i want to open an etsy shop this year! this means a LOT of little goals happening behind the scenes, like making all the glorious creations i plan on listing in my etsy shop. it's an important step to some big dreams.

3. i really need to learn how to use my sewing machine. my mom gave me some sort of adorable, cute, old something sewing machine and after a lifetime of sewing solely and slowly by hand i really want to enter the big leagues.

4. it's therapeutic for me to work on my someday baby nursery off and on but after adding little pieces occasionally i really want to take the time to buckle down and make it everything i'm dreaming it'll be while i still have the time and the physical capability.

5. hang up art around our home. hang. it. up. i have a HUGE pile of things that need to be frames and hung. i need to get to it. soon.

6. make curtains. i really don't want to do this by hand. so goal #3 better happen first.

7. i want to write at least one song AND the music to go with it, on at least two instruments.

8. i've taken years of music classes and none of them taught me how to read music. it's time. get out of here, tabulator!

9. beat 3 video games. this is calling to a side of me you don't really know. the kind that misses gaming and is using this opportunity to make excuses to find time to play them. i am not ashamed.

10. write a book. no joke. illustrated and everything. i can do it. you watch.

11. haha, okay, i already own 17 working dresses and i'm mending/modifying two more [by hand, of course] so it's really not that crazy of a goal. i just want a lot of dresses, and i put a number on it for my husband's sake. this probably isn't his favorite of my goals.

12. we are the worse newlyweds ever. if we don't pump out those thank you cards by at least the one year mark i'm going to be so ashamed.

13. compile a book of poetry. this is actually a goal i've left hanging for a couple years. i want to get to it before i run out of baby-less time, which i hopefully don't have much of left.

14. make a new friend. this one might be silly. it might be easy. it might be hard. i just want to make sure i take the time to get to know new people and not be a secluded jerk.

15. make a new cupcake recipe every month. i think cupcakes are my forte. i made an mnm cupcake recipe in march, i think. last month i made chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and cookies inside. this month was german chocolate cupcakes with hershey kisses inside. next month is hopefully going to be pink lemonade cupcakes.

16. i am obsessed with throw pillows and constantly at war with how expensive they are. i want to acquire 3 sets of throw pillows to put my soul at ease. acquire by any means necessary...

17. i love portland saturday market and i really want to support another artist by finally finding and buying the perfect thing. this also gives me an excuse to go to the saturday market a lot. i'm so sneaky.

18. spend a weekend in seattle. sounds ambitious, right? sounds possible to me. and why not?

19. draw a picture every day. i've actually been almost keeping up with this the whole year. i do it as my form of journaling. i want to keep doing, and keep up with it better, and do more quality work.

20. be a mommy. i want to be a mom in some form by the time i turn 20. whether it's very pregnant, newly pregnant, or with a new born it's something i just can't stand waiting for much longer. i'm almost 20! time is a-wasting! ;]


  1. Oo I love all of this. I am so doing this for me—even though my birthday is only two months away.


  3. Charlotte, i wish you would! I'd love to see what lovely things you'd do!

  4. Sierra, you should see what i've got planned. Cupcakes you would love to eat. No lie.


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