Sunday, January 1, 2012

35 weeks

can i just say, oh my GOODNESS how did this happen?

i could have a baby in two weeks. i'm hoping for longer. i just simply am not ready.

but craig is, and he's cheering for her to come on out every day. and it sure feels like she wants to.

ever since the day after christmas she's been going CRAZY in there. i almost can't catch a breath. for some reason i thought as babies got bigger they moved around less, like they're just too squished to do acrobatics. now she's been in positions the last couple days and poked out places she's never been before. ever since i could feel her at 16 weeks she's been in the same, head down, bum under my right rib position. she never moved from there, and bumping about came from stretching or legs movements. it was very predictable. right now i'm not sure whats what and where it is any more, i think she grew extra limbs suddenly. octobaby.

[craig verifying if this was an okay spot to take pictures. the puddles were kinda gross but i was done walking, can you blame me?]

i don't think she sleeps anymore. she doesn't wake me up at night but if i'm ever awake she's right there, punching the mattress through my skin. it's a little terrifying. at any given minute my belly looks like a pot of boiling water, there are visible baby dance moves happening all the day long. i'm kinda nervous someone is going to notice and be all freaked out. sometimes i'm almost really afraid she's going to break right out of my skin. one night craig just gawked for a while when her bum protruded so far out my right side like my belly looked comically lopsided. sometimes she just beats on my cervix though, and that's cool, that's where i'd prefer her to come out. i just wasn't planning on her ripping through it with pure strength.

[i love him]

in breaking belly button news, i have an outie. it was completely flat for so long but on monday i woke up with a perfectly popped out button. craig got SO excited, he was convinced it was acting like a cooking timer and this means she's all done baking and that she can come out now, but i'm banking on having at least two more weeks. and even that doesn't sound like nearly enough time. i have a to-do list the length of her umbilical cord [ewww why did i SAY that? muahaha] and most of it has to wait until our apartments are done being remodeled. unfortunately they haven't even worked on our buiding in weeks. they finished every one they started before ours and there are two they started after us that are now about as far along as ours is. it's such a mess. there are four inch long nails littering our back deck. according to craig. i haven't gone out there. we were forbidden to access our back deck and storage for the 4-6 weeks it was going to take them to finish everything. it's been almost nine weeks i think. i can't wait until it's over. once it is i can finally finish everything and i'm hoping i'll still be physically able and up to doing everything that still has to be done.

what else? sleeping is awesome. craig's momma gave us a super comfy cozy lovely king sized comforter for christmas and it's pure magic. it knocks us out for way too many hours. i don't wake up nearly as much as i'm supposed to, i used to wake myself up periodically throughout the night to drink more water but now i almost go a full night every night without ever being roused. which is awesome because before that sleeping was getting a little hard, every time i rolled over my pelvis and legs would feel so sore. sometimes during the day they still kinda feel like i've been running a marathon or something but i definitely haven't been doing anything of the sort. i mostly just sit and grow a baby all day. i don't feel very big but the sore joints make me waddle and limp sometimes. i spent a lot of time on the floor when we're at home and i can still get up and down by myself buuuuut...sometimes it's just easier if craig picks me up every time ;]

oh goodness what else? numb finger tips. what's up with that? i'm not really sure what to think of it. i'm pretty sure it's normal though and i'm not worried about it but it's sure a strange sensation. my pregnancy has become this completely new beast this week and it really took me by surprise. i can't believe it could be almost over. it might be five more weeks though, or even seven! it'd be really nice to have the extra time to prepare but on the other hand i'm not sure i want to be limping around for that much longer. thankfully i don't have to make any of those decisions, she'll come when she's supposed to, but goodness i wish i knew when that'd be. it'd make things a little easier to plan out! someday she'll be here and i'll love on her and kiss her and hold her and be the happiest i've ever been, regardless of how finished her nursery is. hopefully she won't care what her nursery looks like anyway.

i love this little muffinbot. i can't wait to kiss her little cheeks.

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  1. you look so good for being 35 weeks!!! i love reading about your pregnancy, brings back tons of memories of the horrors and the excitement, cant wait to see your adorable baby!


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