Sunday, January 1, 2012

new years eve

craig and i spent the entire last day of 2011 at home except for the brief period when i made him run out to get a papa murphy's perfect pizza. glorious.

we stayed in our pajamas all day long. technically i stayed in craig's pajamas, his waist bands are slightly more accommodating than mine you see. we played games, snuggled, slept in, and watched a thousand episodes of our new favorite show on netflix instant.

we talked about finances for the next coming year and game plans for how to get ready for babykay this month.

i had my very first contractions for this pregnancy and it was very exciting. i JUST complained to my mom the day before how i hadn't had a single one, and then i had three in 20 minutes today. i only panicked a little, i know they were only for practice, but IF they weren't it'd be pretty...amusing. i'm so not prepared. my birthing center still doesn't have my paperwork [fixing on monday] and my brand new doctor still needs to fill out my FMLA and short term disability paperwork for work [also hopefully fixing on monday]. but as least we have a car seat in our car. craig knows how unprepared i am and yet he was still cheering those contractions on and hoping they wouldn't stop. he's so ready to hold this little muffinbot.

we knew it was time to take a break from our serious relaxing to kiss at midnight when we started hearing fireworks. i love being a homebody with this guy. it's the best. i just love relaxing at home and soaking up time with him. we tried being big adventure, drive-a-lot people at first, but we're just not good at it. our favorite part about traveling is seriously staying in the hotel together all day/night. we've been joking a lot lately about how "old" we are, how much we don't act like kids and act more like a cute, tired old couple. i think we're great candidates for parenthood. we don't have any sort of party or social life to give up. just a warm, cozy apartment to add a little baby to. we're excited.

2011 was the best year of my life. 2012 is going to be the best year of my life again. my new years resolution: survive. i'm having a baby soon. i'm turning 20 finally. there are already so many changes and new responsibilities rolling in. i don't think i need to add anything crazy to our plates. i used to be such a crazy goal maker, i'm usually very into new beginnings and the sense of starting fresh at the start of the new year. but right now i'm just happy to continue existing. it'll be enough of an adventure learning how to be righteous parents together, and that's plenty for me right now.

here's my goal/mantra/"magic" phrase for 2012, to get us through life and help us progress: be ever faithful.

[and eat more pizza...what?]

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