Thursday, January 19, 2012

peach crepes

tuesday was my birthday. i've been 20 for three days. i don't have any deep thoughts about being older or transitioning away from teenagerhood. i don't feel any different now and it just felt like another day at the time. with the exception for the part where craig made all my birthday dreams come true.

two months ago when we were standing in line at the post office i was struck by a craving and told craig all i wanted for my birthday was peach crepes. and he remembered. and not only did he make sure i got them but he gave them to me in the best way: in my own house, in my pajamas and bathrobe, handmade from scratch all by himself. he let me sleep in through all of it. he made tasty, tasty crepes all by himself. and i can't get over how adorable he looks in our tiny kitchen baking a birthday breakfast. isn't being able to roll up the thinest, sweetest crepes a criteria for being a real man? i thought i read somewhere that it was.

i obviously had way too much sugar and dairy this morning and my PUPPPS may creep back up to pay me a visit because of it, but at the risk of sounding ungrateful for good health, it was probably worth it. it's my birthday after all. you only turn 20 while being 37 weeks pregnant once, am i right?

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