Monday, January 16, 2012

37 weeks

here's my 37 weeks belly picture for the enjoyment of all. it's about as awkward as it could possibly be. let's not even count how many ways it's awkward [it's a lot]. but at least it exists. week 37 flew by and left us with no time for decent picture taking.

it was taken at my baby shower on friday. i'm hoping to find time later in the week to post some nicer pictures from the shower and talk more about it. it was completely sweet and wonderful.

week 37 has been the most productive for getting ready for baby kay. now we're just waiting on her to be ready. i still feel like my body doesn't get that it's supposed to give birth eventually. i seriously question if any of the very few, tiny practice contractions i've felt super occasionally were even contractions at all. maybe she just bumped a nerve a couple times. who knows. i just hope we don't have to force her out of there. that's not the kind of birth i want.

at my doctors appointment today he told me my cervix is ripe [i love saying "ripe cervix," don't you judge me] and she's kinda wiggled into a face up position. not a head up, her head is still down, but she's facing my belly instead of my back which is much more desirable for giving birth. as badly as i wanted her to come this weekend it's probably good that's she's not about to shoot out in that position, that would be painful.

craig tells her every day to come out and see him. he keep trying to reason with her and tell her that she's totally done baking. he's going to go crazy if she goes past her due date, he's barely handled waiting this long. he definitely had a pouting face when i wasn't dilated at all at my appointment today. he's so excited to get to hold her soon.

my goal this week is to somehow manage to take some decent week 38 pictures. i don't want laughing buddha up there to be the last glamor shot i get before she's born, that's not something i'd be proud of showing her someday. yikes.

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