Thursday, January 19, 2012


this last week and a half has been pretty much my favorite week and a half that i've ever had. so many fun and happy and wonderful things happened. i'm hoping to find time to share about a few of the best things in depth but for now here's a little summary:

sunday the 8th: craig's parents, brothers and grandpa came over with vehicles and muscles and removed big pieces of furniture that i've been waiting so long to leave our apartment. we had a huge entertainment center by our front door that we've been trying to get rid of for months and we finally gave in and took it to good will after the guys got it down three flights of stairs [my heroes!] along with a futon craigs parents gave to us when craig first moved in. it felt so nice to get the extra, big furniture out of the house so we could get started on rearranging everything and nesting.

monday the 9th: craig and i rented a rug doctor and spent the day moving furniture around and getting our carpets clean. such a refreshing feeling! we got rid of so much stuff and moved every room around in a way that suits us much better. by now i was starting to feel 1000 times more prepared for baby kay already.

tuesday the 10th: they finally started painting our building! at last!!

wednesday the 11th: a package came from my mom filled with the a bunch of fancy bumgenus diapers. i can't believe how excited these new diapers make me, i realize they're for pooping in but they're seriously just so thrilling. am i a parent yet?

thursday the 12th: they finished painting our decks so on thursday we were able to move all of our stuff back out into storage and our bikes back outside. this meant that the nursery was free for me to finally organize! craig spent the whole morning helping me and we made lightning fast progress. we got as far as we could without setting up the crib and buying some more organizational items. we also got our new futon in the mail today, which arrived unharmed, was a breeze to set up, and we pretty much LOVE it.

friday the 13th: i got two exciting packages today, one had my order from Floracopeia with my new essential oils and diffuser and another with some more oils from my mom as a birthday gift. my family loves essential oils and it's something i've really been missing since i moved out. i wanted to start building up my own collection before baby kay got here so i could help her build up her immunity with some of the oils and the diffuser. craig is in love with it already, it's really calming his asthma and helping him sleep in our mold-prone bedroom.

on friday craig also officially got a promotion and a raise and it was a complete miracle and a blessing. we've been walking on air and so happy ever since!

saturday the 14th: this day was the 3 year anniversary of craig and i meeting. i can't believe it's been so long and at the same time, is that it?? how are we married with an almost baby after only three years! i love it.

my friend alys gave me a baby shower on saturday and it was so lovely, i can't wait to get done editing the pictures so i can show them to you. after the shower craig and i went out and got everything left on our baby registry that i absolutely had to have before baby kay arrives.

sunday the 15th: on sunday we had a double birthday party with craig's dad john, his birthday is the day before mine and we like to party it up this time of year. we had dinner and treats and candles and then later craig and i took a nap. it was the best. after we woke up i spent the rest of the evening organizing the baby nursery until it was as perfect as i could get it. i don't have a mattress or the bedding for the crib yet but i'm too excited to not take pictures and show them off soon. it's simple but sweet.

monday the 16th: baby appointment and shopping for some nice work clothes for craig and then birthday dinner of sushi and followed by a movie at home snuggling on our new futon and homemade popcorn. best way to spend my last day of being 19.

tuesday the 17th: i turned 20 at last and my husband spoiled me with a new camera bag [YAY!] and made me peach crepes for breakfast. by himself. from scratch. it was super delicious and adorable.

i don't want to forget how great these last few days have been. we've been so happy and grateful and excited for our lives to change. on sunday the 8th i did not feel ready to bring a baby home at all. now i feel so settled and prepared. all we need is a baby now! i can't wait till she gets here! waiting on you, little lemon drop.

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