Sunday, January 8, 2012

36 weeks

a little birdie told me that taking belly-shots with your cell phone in the bathroom at work was the next big thing. that little birdie was a stinking liar, but roll with me here.

whenever i see my belly in the mirror or in pictures lately i'm totally shocked. it doesn't FEEL that big and when i'm looking down at it i really don' look that big. i can still see my toes at least. but from any other perspective, like everyone else's perspective, it looks SO BIG. i told my mother in law today that i don't even feel close to being "about to pop," and she said i just look like i am.

i keep telling craig i don't feel "ripe." i don't even feel close to giving birth. i feel like my body is totally in the zone and content with being pregnant that maybe it's forgotten it's not supposed to be pregnant forever. this is more than a little different than i thought i was going to feel by now but it's such a blessing because i still have so much preparing to do. and appointments to keep. do babies care about important appointments? they should definitely take that kind of stuff into consideration.

listen up little girl, if you give me two more weeks, i'll give you at least two more weeks after that, free of charge.

[and this is me sincerely hoping 6 weeks from now i'm not still with child and losing my mind]


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