Sunday, January 22, 2012

38 weeks and a simple baby room

38 weeks and we finally have something of a baby room. there's still a few things hiding in one corner that need to find home eventually, there's a crib but no mattress or bedding quite yet, and one corner of the room is still reserved for a few of my things [hopefully she doesn't mind sharing with mommy] but overall i'm feeling a hundred times better about it than i was a few weeks ago. this room was just filled with junk and clutter and none of it baby clutter, which i now know is the best kind of clutter. now we have cute little baby things all over.

the hanging pom poms are from my baby shower. we have one hanging storage unit on a garment rack along with all her dresses and another make shift hanging storage space pinned to another wall, i think it's a shoe organizer meant to hang on a door but we're using it for diapers, washcloths, and swaddling blankets. her baby bathtub, bumbo chair, and a tote full of blocks and toys are hiding under the crib, which was craig's when he was a baby. her mattress should be here soon but for now all her little stuffed animals and baby boppy pillow hang out in there helping it look less naked.

we have a bassinet set up in our room right next to our bed where she'll sleep for as long as i can keep her in there. she has tons of blankets folded in her baby room but my four favorites are in her bassinet. three were made by me and the fourth one is a fuzzy yellow blanket my neighbor gave me for my first baby girl and it's just the softest thing ever, it's what i want to bring baby kay home in. my favorite of her plush toys are living in her bassinet for now too. one handmade bunny named buster, i bought him from a seller on etsy, he was upcycled from an old dress. the little green monster was made by my little sister ahnahceleh. the little brown bear is made from alpaca and filled with lavender. the sweet little doll was made by a friend of ours from church. and the little pink monster is oliver, he was given to me by my friend marlee and he's been my favorite for years. i want to take him to the hospital with us and have him be her first snuggle friend.

the little green rug came from target and i just love it. most of her little things somehow ended up being green like her baby bumbo chair, her bobby pillow, her baby tub, her carrier sling, and her car seat. i'm really glad it turned out that way, it's a cute color and it'll work on a boy later on too. her bedding is green and pink with owls on it. i wanted to buy some extra sheets and craig said they had to be pink because he doesn't think her room has enough pink in it. her infant bouncer is light pink and her swing is pink and plum so hopefully he'll be satisfied once the bedding gets here.

also, finger puppets. am i right? it's getting a pretty silly what kinds of tiny things make me giddy these days but i just can't help it.

i love this crib. it makes me so happy to have something from when craig and his siblings were little ones.

38 weeks and not much else is new. i play with her little hands and feet when she lets me and craig thinks her hiccups are the cutest things ever. for now she's just getting bigger every day and we're finally so ready for her to be here. now we just have to wait as patiently as we can.

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  1. So I have to tell you this.. You and I have like 5 of the same porcelain dolls! Mom now has them displayed in the hallway upstairs (its a little creepy looking) but secretly I still love looking at them!


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