Monday, January 9, 2012

pedicured feets

quite a while ago at the start of this pregnancy i asked craig if, eventually, when my feet were all achy and swollen, we could go get a pedicure for me. and he, of course, agreed.

i've had one pedicure before, a long time ago, i don't even think i was a teenager yet, and overall it was a stressful and awkward experience [i was even more uptight and stressful as a kid than i am now. crazy, right?] and i haven't become a mani/pedi type of girl any time since. but it sounded like a fun little activity to help get me through what i imagined would be a hugely uncomfortable part of this pregnancy.

well, my feet aren't swollen, they don't hurt, and i'm not uncomfortable. BUT my i can't reach my own toenails comfortably to clip them [ah-haha] and craig kept asking me when we were going to go, i think he wanted to make sure we didn't accidentally run out of time to do it before babykay got here. so last monday after we went out on a little dinner date and walked around fred meyer for a while [something we KEEP DOING, cause we think it's SO MUCH FUN] i said we could finally go to one of our new local nail salons and get that pedicure over and done with.

i'm so glad we did. my nails look awesome and my feet feel incredible. it was so relaxing.

i'm super excited that i married a man who not only was so eager to treat me to a pedicure but who also got one for himself so he could sit by me and hold my hand after i told him a didn't want to be alone. he loved it too, i recall him insisting we do it again every few months. he's just the best.

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