Thursday, March 10, 2011

A new favorite

Moulin Rouge! I can't believe I hadn't seen this movie before until recently! A bunch of my friends growing up loved the soundtrack and I'm familiar with the songs and storyline, I remember having to analyze some of the songs in poetry class. And I've loved Ewan McGregor ever since big fish when I realized he was fabulous [side note, Craig and I picked up a movie the other day for five dollars called Life Less Ordinary, we don't know anything about it besides that Ewan McGregor is young and has a mullet which was all the reason we needed]. Craig's seen Moulin Rouge before and finally made me watch it on Valentines day when we saw it was on netflix instant. You just can't say no to netflix instant. I've been wanting to watch in again ever since then and I finally put it on my laptop while I did laundry and dishes tonight.

Ahhhh I love it so much. I'm such a sucker for good musicals and I love how every song is an allusion. My favorite song, maybe surprisingly, is Roxane. I was in a modeling group once and our shows, I'm starting to realize, took a lot of inspiration from Moulin Rouge. They were compromised of songs from other places that we would dance/walk to organized to fit our original story line, we even included The Show Must Go On and Roxanne at the last one I was involved in before moving to Oregon. This movie is so visually stunning, happy, heartbreaking, and Ewan McGregor is just such a sweetheart. Even my hedgehog enjoys it. And he's a harsh critic.


  1. that is my boyfriend's all-time favorite movie. he gets mad at me when i tell him it's just like titanic with music!

  2. i was debating watching this, and now, it's settled. gonna do it. thankee!

  3. I think of it as the same as Phantom of the Opera. Super incredible awesome, but my dad wouldn't approve. You've been warned. I heart musicals.


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