Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Tie-Dye, I Love Thee

We are extremely happy with our tie-dye results. I love my short sleeved shirt best, I was going for old school batman colors [red grey and yellow, right? Hmmm...] so it makes me feel like a super hero when I wear it. We seriously want to tie-dye everything now. I've been judging object/people by whether or not they can be sufficiently tie-dyed.

You can see in the background that I have a lot of laundry to be folding. Actually, it's what I should be doing right now...

This week has been awesome! Work has been great, we've been eating delicious food [sushi today] and it's almost Craig's birthday! It'll be quite the adventure, I should hope. I have a monster of a birthday dessert to make in the morning. There will be blood.

At work this week I learned that my love for using closed brackets [you might have noticed it, but maybe not] has been breaking our online system at work. Hmmm. My bad. It made me feel like I have at least SOME abilities at work. Like super hero abilities. Or super villain abilities. Muahaha.

Blah blah blah. I have laundry to fold and I'm obviously just stalling. I'm outa here.


  1. i LOVE your tie-dye, especially the long sleeved one?!?! auuuugh. and tie=dye socks ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! yummalicious! i love you. come see me soooooons? :] <3

  2. i'm in RAPTURES over craig's modeling technique. it's a wonder that kid isn't selling underwear EVERYWHERE. we must show off our tyedye socks together sometime. we'll be ankle-twins.

  3. And he was having an off day too! It's a basket full of wonders when he's at the top of his game. I wish he'd just give in and sell his body, we'd have such a comfortable living.

    I didn't know you had tye-dye socks! This makes us the same again.


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