Monday, March 21, 2011

Introducing Bruce Wayne the Hedgehog

Since Bruce the hedgehog is a very important part of the tiny Will family and is the source of plenty of my daily adventures it's about time he made his appearance. He was being extra adorable in his bath last night so I'd say he agrees.

He accidentally got his face all wet in that last picture when he got spooked ant tried to curl up. He makes me laugh all day.

We went and got Bruce during June of last year. I've wanted a hedgehog all my life long it feels like and he is definitely the perfect pet, I'd recommend a hedgehog to anyone. We drove 6 long hours to Port Orchard to get him and then back and he only looked at me once the whole time. We've become much better friends since then. I had to pick him based on pictures alone! I'm so glad I chose him. He has two little white spots on his butt, making him a fine specimen of African pygmy hedgehog in algerian grey pinto!

Bruce as a baby, back when he was small enough to fit into the sink and my hand. Oh, where do the months go!

He has a very unique personality. He's part aloof super hero and part grumpy old man. For a while the only way I could get him to hang out with me without balling up and huffing [it means he's scared or angry, unfortunately it's still adorable] was to give him a bath which he loved and still loves more than anything to this day. Something about the tooth brush with hedgie shampoo just melts his grumpy exterior away. With age he became much more friendly towards me and occasionally with others. He surprises the heck out of me when little kids come over and although they are loud and make quick movements, all things old men hedgehogs hate, he's always totally sweet and willing to play.

Hedgehog years are sort of odd. He's pretty much almost in his thirties now. But I still think of him as a baby, even though he's grown SO MUCH since we got him. He stays in shape by running on his wheel all night, every night. He's very self-conscious when he exercises so he never runs when I'm watching, I have to sneak up on him to see it. He's so my hedgehog, ha!

Hedgehogs are omnivores so they are supposed to eat meat and fruits and veggies. Bruce is a picky eater. He eats cat food and NOTHING else I try to feed him. He loves grapes but we read that grapes may or may not be toxic for hedgehogs. No grapes for Bruce. He loves chewing up clover sprouts and then plopping them on his head. It's called "anting," if they like the way something smells they'll coat themselves with it mixed with their saliva. He has and extra long tongue so he can pretty much get his food back out of his mouth and then leave it wherever he wants. I just let him walk around with his green sprouts-mixed-with-spit crown. Whatever floats his boat.

Another fun thing about Bruce that brings me much joy is his hate for getting his nails clipped. Ugh. I just can't do it myself, he puts up such a fight it terrifies me. But we can't take him to Petsmart to get them clipped because the vet there, who allegedly has owned eight hedgehogs or something so she's SUCH an expert, got super upset when he bit her. He bites me all the time, sometimes sweetly and DEFINITELY when I'm trying to clip his nails. But she came storming out with her finger bleeding repeatedly informing me that "hedgehogs don't bite." Well, Bruce much just be a super hero then. And her hedgehogs were whimps. Psh.

Bruce is quite the interesting fellow. Sometimes he really tests my patience gland with his quirks and grumpy stubbornness. But I absolutely love him to death. The times when we just hang out, when he cuddles and plays, and falls asleep curled up in my hands just thrill me. He's one of my favorite things and definitely my baby for now. Last night he let me clip his nails with minimum resistance and then ATE a nectarine OUT OF MY HAND! And only spit some of it on his head! I'm a happy momma. Fo sho.


  1., so cute! Those eyes are adorable....I can see why you're in love. =)

    Kristina J.

  2. "green sprouts-mixed-with-spit crown." why doesn't my cat do this? why doesn't everything do this?

  3. He's always so proud of his spit. I can't think of any other earthly creature that takes the most pride in their saliva.

  4. То cook a hare before catching him.

  5. Awww Bruce is the cutest lil hedgehog I've ever seen, I would looove one! x


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