Thursday, March 31, 2011


Don't worry, it's the name of a restaurant. One that we drive by all the time and giggle at every time. But today was different. Today, we went INSIDE. And it was delicious. And so pretty. There were many drinks and deserts and tasty things. And a fresh veggie bar for your burger! MY burger. Which I happen to like very pink. Thank you, Fuddruckers, for getting it just right.

I was such a pout today. I've been fighting off another cold, this time completely contained in all it's fury in the back of my throat, so I haven't been stingy with my grumpiness [fun fact, Craig had to correct my usage of the word "stingy" today, because I'm less than brilliant]. I've been just a general mess lately, fine one second and then bursting into tears about the 100 things I'm suddenly upset about the next. But somehow with his magic powers Craig keeps me happy. Our marriage still makes me blissfully happy. Especially today, which could have been such a BAD day because of me but turned out a lovely day because he's is so wonderful. I have no idea why he loves me so much or why he is so patient. He must be serving community service for some terrible crime. And I enjoy it!

Thanks Fuddruckers, for your romantic and pro-family/happiness/heart disease environment. You helped make our day.

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