Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's [our] Friday!

Today was a perfect end to the work week. We are SO excited for this weekend! I'm planning some intense organization of clothes and art supplies and finally commencing some long-awaited art and craft projects. But that is all in the future, today is the present, and guess who got presents! Both of us! I went shopping for the first time in a billion years today. On ModCloth, a website I just love and look at every day but haven't ever gotten anything for myself from before, I bought Cloud Coverage dress, Shape Up tights, and three secret presents for Craigs birthday, shhh! I was looking at a couple other dresses but Craig said he'd love Cloud Coverage best and when the mail came I found out why, he surprised me with new, soft, black fishnet tights with big black bows at the top. They'll look so cute with my new dress. I'm ridiculously excited and we're sickeningly adorable.

For lunch we bought a bakers dozen of bagels from Noah's Bagels [love love love] with honey almond and garlic herb schmears. We invited our new friends Josh and Charlotte over for Monday and we're planning on sharing our delicious bagels. Which reminds me, I need to be making m&m cupcakes. I hope the whole world has a wonderful weekend!

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