Thursday, March 17, 2011


I just wanted to get a quickie post in before work. It's the craziest thing but I love posting! Even if only my husbands reads them sometimes. This is the randomness that is my day so far:

We just watched the last episode of season 4 of the IT Crowd. Seriously, I LOVE this show! It's super funny for us especially sometimes because Craig is a total computer nerd, he's working on his IT degree right now. If you haven't seen it yet go netfilx instant it, no joke. 6 episode per season under 30 minutes long. You have time. There is no excuse.

I was supposed to go get blood work done today and I FORGOT. Yikes. Hopefully my blood won't be much different tomorrow.

I feel like I'm missing a day this week! Yesterday I didn't sleep all night from being so sick and after nyquil became my best friend I slept all day and again all night. I was so asleep Craig had to call into work for me! Eek. It was good to rest, I'm feeling tons better. But I missed going to lunch with my friend Alys =[ Poo. We're aiming for next week now. I'm such a bad planner these days.

My Modcloth order came yesterday!! Ah the dress is perfect. It came a little broken so I have to mend it before I wear it but it's so cute and fits me so well I don't even care. And the tights were better than I hoped. Three of the five items are birthday surprises for Craig and they are so COOL. Can't wait until I can share news about them without him seeing. His birthday is only a week away!

I'm thrilled today because I found the hidden pot of gold in the Modcloth Find the Fortune contest. It only took me a little while and it was hidden in the most clever place. Man I hope I win, I've entered so many blog giveaways in the last two days. This one is for $100 dollars at Modcloth. Let's see what state my luck is in.

It's St. Patrick's Day! I LOVE this holiday. I'm not spending it very excitedly this year though. I'm hardly wearing green. The little turtle on my shirt is green. It's my favorite Threadless shirt, it's calledLi Water Balloons. Craig bought it for me last summer. See how cute?

Little sea creatures trapped in floating balloons filled with water. I love it. I hope today is beautiful. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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